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  • While there are a great number of issues hindering the success of Canadian businesses, our election platform focuses on four critical elements and outlines the necessary measures the future government must take to allow businesses to compete and win in domestic and global markets. These four main elements are: access to a powerful workforce, access to capital, access to technology and innovation and access to markets.

    Policy improvements in all of these areas are needed for Canadian businesses to get an edge on their competitors, allowing them to create quality jobs for young people, reinvest in new technology and generate the wealth necessary to improve schools, infrastructure and social programs that will benefit all Canadians in communities large and small.


    • Would you support continued development of Alberta’s Oil Sands, Upgrading, and Petrochemical Industries by reinstating the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance for these industries?
    • Would you consider revising exemptions, deductions, and contribution limits for key programs such as the GST New Housing Rebate, the Canadian Pension Plan, and the Child Care Tax Benefit? 
    • How would you party support innovation in Canadian businesses, the development of new products, and the improvement of business productivity? 
    • Would your party support small businesses through the creation of a small business savings account which would support growth? 
    • Would you implement service standards and timelines for Canada Revenue Agency to improve their interactions with Canadian individuals and businesses?
    • Which, if any, of the current proposed pipelines will your party support?