• Board of Directors

  • President | Katherine Waller

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    Vice-President | Greg Richardson

     Owner, EagleRock Computer

    Greg Richardson is a man who prefers actions with tangible results rather than promises and words. As a holder of a certificate in Project Management, an arsenal of self-taught skills and perseverance like no other, Greg upholds the basic tenets of business in order to produce results based on realistic goals and action plans. Regardless of the tasks, Greg ensures that the people are taken care of and excellent results are produced. Greg, functioning as president of EagleRock Computer, has shown beyond doubt that he is perfect for the job. The values Greg has carried out through business overlap into his personal life. This is best represented through the loving relationship Greg shares with his two step-daughters and four amazing grandchildren. Greg is caring, honest, reliable and always lives and works by one phrase “Anything worth doing is worth doing right”. 



    Treasurer | David Coleman

    Owner, Smith Insurance

    I am married, and a father of 2, who has proudly called Fort Saskatchewan home since 1975.  After obtaining my science degree from Concordia University I took the less than obvious root of starting an insurance career.  I started working in Edmonton on the corporate side of the business, but after a few years of that realized that Fort Saskatchewan was the place to be.  Smith Insurance has been part of Fort Saskatchewan since 1958, and my father got involved in 1986 so it made me very proud to join the family business in 1994.  Smith Insurance is a general insurance brokerage offering Commercial, Farm, Home and Auto insurance.  We have 17 staff, and two locations.  Our second office is in Lamont.Because of the long history Smith Insurance has had in this community we have seen Fort Saskatchewan grow from a mainly agricultural community to the Industrial Heartland it is now.  I am proud to serve on the Chamber of Commerce to give back to the business community that has supported us all those years, and to do my small part in continuing to see our community grow and prosper.



    Past-President | Lynn Wilkinson

    General Manager, Staples

    My career background has been in the restaurant and retail industry.  I started with Staples, in Calgary, as a Service Manager, and was promoted to a General Manager in 2003.  My family moved to Ottawa, later on, and we lived there for over 9 years. My husband grew up in Fort Saskatchewan.   So when the opportunity came for me to run the Staples here, it was a homecoming for the family.  I’ve been a member of the Chamber of Commerce since 2014.  I am excited to be part of the board.  I’m looking forward to the collaboration of industries, and business, to help our community flourish.





    Director | Nathan Flim

    Owner, The Fort Distillery

    Nathan Flim grew up in Ontario and moved with his family to the Fort Saskatchewan area in 2005.  After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from the King's University in Edmonton, he worked in the agriculture industry for a number of years.  In 2018 he decided to combine his chemistry knowledge with his love of fine spirits and open The Fort Distillery.  The Fort Distillery focuses on producing high quality craft spirits using 100% Alberta grown grains.  Building partnerships with other local businesses in very important to Nathan and his products can be found in many specialty Liquor stores and restaurants across Alberta.




    Director | Brenna Bouchard

    Owner, Fort Saskatchewan Acupuncture

    Originally from Quebec, Brenna grew up in Sherwood Park. After graduating from NAIT in 2011, her Personal Training career lead to working in Fort Saskatchewan. She then registered at MacEwan University for Acupuncture in 2013, and continued to work in the Fort during her schooling. Enamoured by the community, she decided to move to the Fort, and opened Fort Saskatchewan Acupuncture in December 2017. Her vision is to continue to help grow the city by providing alternative health options to residents of the Heartland. She is passionate about wellness education, and aims to improve and expand on how we address health and self care.



    Director | Brian Hagel

    Sales Manager, Mix 107.9 & FortSaskOnline

    Brian has been in the radio industry since 1990;  first on the air and then in sales. He loves the opportunity that Mix 107 & FortSaskOnline gives local businesses. Brian also loves spending time with his wife Kim, his son Gabe, and his ever increasing golf handicap.





    Director | Jonathan Jacobs

    Owner, Fort Lanes

    Jonathan is a graduate from Memorial University in Foreign Policy and Canadian Federal Politics, applying this education as a energy sector researcher, Chair of the Energy Policy Working Group, and Vice Chair of the Alberta Party's Policy Committee. Jonathan spent a decade working as electrician in the Alberta oilsands, and in 2017 took a jump into entrepreneurship. He hopes to use his wide array of experience and education to advocate for Fort Saskatchewan and District businesses and developing policies that will benefit both the economy and our community.





    Director | Kathleen Stevenson

    Title, Business

    Director | Connie Shears

    Divisional Sales Manager, Staples Fort Saskatchewan

    From my early roots, I have had a focus on customer service. My first job entailed learning to manage a small convenience store in my small hometown near Georgian Bay in Ontario. The owner provided opportunities for me to work with the local Chamber of Commerce through events such as the annual Fall Fair. This instilled in me a variety of skills sets including public speaking, diplomacy, and networking. I went on to become a hairdresser and barber, eventually owning my own businesses. At the same time I also worked as a personal assistant for a local Real Estate couple. There I learned much about the field, developed leadership skills, and other areas of personal growth. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities to travel and meet people from all ages and stages of life. I learned personal growth and development was a lifelong focus. 


    As a wife and a mother, I have always aimed to become a part of my community. Looking for ways to participate in and contribute to the whole. After a move to Alberta, and while trying to build up a clientele in hairdressing again, I first became a part of the Staples team in Fort McMurray. My career at Staples quickly moved to the forefront, and hairdressing became more of a hobby. After the fires in Fort Mac in 2016, my family and I decided to move south to Fort Saskatchewan, which we now call home and plan to eventually retire here. Working for Staples has provided me with opportunity, and I am honoured to serve the Fort Saskatchewan community.  I look forward to giving back to the community and seeing it prosper and grow in the years to come.

    Director | DeAnna Voshell

    Owner, Voshell Architecture + Design

    Director | Claire Gannon

    Title, RBC

    Director | Stuart Murray

    Title, Dignity Memorial Funeral Services