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    The Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, as it is known today, or the original Fort Saskatchewan Board of Trade dates back to 1904. The bustling village of Fort Saskatchewan, population of about 600, needed direction in their business community. Thus on the evening of January 25, 1904, 17 concerned businessmen got together to form what was to be known as the Fort Saskatchewan Board of Trade.In these early years the Board of Trade played a very important part in the development of the Fort and had a decided influence on the Village and Town Council and concerned itself with all phases of the community. The present Chamber of Commerce started in the early 1950's and today is a very vibrant and intricate part of the community and district. In 1980 office space was leased at 9911 103 street for the Chamber of Commerce office, and a part-time secretary was employed. Today the office is located in the old Fire Hall, since been the home to the Boys and Girls Club, Morgans Printing and Switzer Financial. Now occupied by the Chamber of Commerce and various other businesses at 9923 103 street.

  • Past Chamber Presidents

    Year President Business/Company
    2013-14 Alan Skoreyko The Retreat Salon and Spa
    2012-13 Tim Baker M&M Meat Shops
    2011-12 Tim Baker M&M Meat Shops
    2010-11 Gary Gordon Century 21
    2009-10 Michelle Gamache Roland's Jewelry
    2008-09 Martina Kelly In-Home Optical
    2007-08 Brien Charlton Action Coach
    2006-07 Ed Sperling ATB Financial
    2005-06 Ed Sperling ATB Financial
    2004-05 Dallas Kristiansen Custom Mortgage Solutions
    2003-04 Dallas Kristiansen Custom Mortgage Solutions
    2002-03 Keith Johnston Johnston Promotional Products
    2001-02 Jennifer Lucas AmeriSpec Home Inspection
    2000-01 Clarizze Truscott Inglis Avenue Bed & Breakfast
    1999-2000 Cal South Pineview Shell
    1998-99 Mark Schmidt Drayden Insurance
    1997-98 Andy Lorimer The Fort Record
    1996-97 Doug Chettleborough Lafarge
    1995-96 Ken Jackson Welcome Ford
    1994-95 Don Schroder Southfort Chevrolet
    1993-94 Wayne Katchur Royal Bank
    1992-93 Terry Douglas Canadian Tire
    1991-92 Harold Walters Realty World
    1990-91 Howard Johnson Barcol Doors
    1989-90 Geoff Marsh Family Vision Care
    1988-89 Roland Fotty  
    1987-88 Molly Derksen  
    1987 Don Douglas  
    1986-87 Paul Hotke  
    1985-86 Brian Kelly  
    1984-85 Wilf Barranoik  
    1983-84 Wilf Barranoik  
    1982-83 Terry Olthuis  
    1981-82 Keith Reed  
    1980-81 Marj Middagh  
    1979-80 Cal Hamilton  
    1978-79 Glen Moscrip  
    1977-78* Ken Hodgins Hodgins Mens Wear
    1976 John Valens  
    1975 James Hogan  
    1974 James Hogan  
    1973 Michael Yakimetz  
    1972 Hans Balsiger  
    1971 Maurice Lamoureux  
    1970 Glen Pearson  
    1969 James Allanach  
    1968 Elmer Thomas  
    1967 Labby Sheppard  
    1966 Ron Wray  
    1965 Walter A. Buck  
    1964 Roland Gamache Roland's Jewelry
    1963 Art Clarkson  
    1962 Art Clarkson  
    1961 Eric Young  
    1960 Donald Krebs  
    1959 John Phillips  
    1958 Norman Haddow  
    1957 Billy Mullen  
    1956 Henry Powell  
    1955 Neville Parry  
    1954 James Jost Sr.  


    *Election dates changed, therefore not making it a standard calendar year

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