• Starting a Business

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  • Developing a Business Plan

    Before starting down the path of opening your own business, the Chamber strongly encourages entrepreneurs to develop a business plan. It will become the foundation on which all decisions will be made and will be a significant asset in the early months and years of your operations.

    So, what is a business plan? Good question. Here's some resources that will answer your question and help you develop your own:

           - What is a Business Plan?

          - Writing your business plan 


    These are just three resources available online. Most search engines, likeGoogle or Bing, can help you find more resources to help develop your business plan (use search terms like "business plan" or "writing a business plan"). If you get stuck or need to bounce ideas off someone, the Chamber office is an excellent resource as well. You can reach us at 780-998-4355 or by email.

    We're not the only source for information on starting your business. Here's a few other organizations that offer Alberta-based start-up tips and advice:

    If you believe this webpage would benefit from additional information, please let us know what information would be beneficial by email.

    Otherwise, we wish you the most success in your new business venture. And, like we said above, we would love to introduce you to our business resources available only to our members, such as Esso (3.5 cents/litre), Husky/Mohawk (2 cents/litre) and Purolator (up to 35% off) discounts.

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  • Choosing Your Business Name

    Your business name should be unique and easy to remember, and should describe the products and services you provide. Remember, your name will go everywhere your business goes.

    So, what if you choose a name being used by somebody else? Is that allowed? Well, that depends on whether "somebody else" is registered as a corporation (not allowed) or if they're registered as a trade name/partnership (allowed).  Click here to learn about Alberta business naming.

    When you choose to register your name, Fort Saskatchewan's only Service Alberta registry agent is located at Farnese Insurance (map). They're very helpful (a Chamber member, too), but try to avoid the end of the month when most car owners head there to renew their vehicle license plates.

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  • Paying Municipal Taxes

    Aside from requiring an annual payment for business licenses, the City of Fort Saskatchewan does not levy a business tax. It does, however, levy property taxes that must be paid by June 30 annually. Tax notices are usually mailed to property owners in mid-May.


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  • Obtaining Required Permits

    Depending on where you plan to open your business (storefront? home office?), you may need to obtain different types of federal, provincial or municipal permits. Fortunately, the City of Fort Saskatchewan subscribes toBizPal -- an online tool that will give you all the permit requirements you need to start your business. Click here.

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  • Obtaining a Business License

    All businesses operating in Fort Saskatchewan -- whether you're a home-based office or petrochemical complex -- require a business license. A business license for companies located in the city costs $90 annually. They are available from the City of Fort Saskatchewan (more info).

    Some specialty businesses will also require a provincial license (more info).

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  • Collecting GST

    Businesses in Canada are required to collect federal and provincial sales tax for goods and services they provide. In Alberta, only GST (5%) is collected. There is no provincial sales tax.

    To collect GST, you will need to register with Revenue Canada for a GST account. To register, click here.

    To learn more about collecting GST and what goods and services are subject to GST, click here.

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  • Hiring employees

    If you plan to have employees, you will also require a Payroll account with Revenue Canada. You can register for that in the same place you registered for your GST account.

    In Alberta, you will also require a WCB account with the Worker's Compensation Board (more info).

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