• 2021 Business Awards

    The Fort Saskatchewan & District Chamber of Commerce recognizes the important contribution of business in our community by celebrating with our Annual Business Awards.
    The Process:
    Similar to the 2020 process, all businesses with five or more nominations will qualify as a semi-finalist. In the case of a category that does not have businesses with five or more nominations, all businesses in that category will become semi-finalists. Three anonymous judges will judge each category; judges are pulled from Chamber Past Presidents, past winners of the category, elected officials, Chamber Executives from other communities. Judges do NOT include: any Fort Saskatchewan & District Chamber of Commerce staff, no current Board member (with the exception of the Board Award which is judged by all Board members). The semi-finalists fill out a questionnaire that is marked by the judges. The semi-finalists with the top three marks in each category become the finalists for that category. Judges will then re-evaluate the finalists. The finalist with the highest mark is the winner of the category. *A business can win in only one category per year. The winners will be announced at the Business Awards Gala on November 4, 2021. **Companies or individuals who have received an award in any category in the last two years are not eligible to be considered for that same category.
    Nominator Information
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    The name of the business or professional you wish to nominate
    Please Note: To nominate a business or individual for more than one category, please fill out an additional form.