• International Women's Day
  • International Women’s Day

  • International Women’s Day is a worldwide event honouring and celebrating women in various communities that make a difference in the lives of other women. In Fort Saskatchewan we are acknowledging women, age 13+, that have made or is making significant contributions within our community with an award ceremony. 

    Our 2019 event was on March 6th when we held an uncensored and unapologetic award ceremony celebrating the empowered women of Fort Saskatchewan.

    Stay tuned for details about our 2020 celebration! 



    *Winners noted by bold purple text

    Woman’s Wellbeing  

    She has an unwavering commitment to delivering, promoting and/or advocating for healthy lives and communities. She has made a significant and sustained difference in Fort Saskatchewan while empowering her community to change or better their lives through improved health and wellness practices.

    2019 Nominees: Brenna Bouchard, Dalia El Sayed, Danielle Lequire, Fran Welter, Irene Bobocel, Lisa Crawford, Rachel Spirig, Stacy Westman

    Professional Achievement

    Colleagues in their field acknowledge her professional leadership and consistent commitment to excellence. She has made a significant and sustained difference in the community while leveraging her achievements and business acumen to facilitate change and create opportunities. She demonstrates respect for, and engagement with, her community, clients and colleagues.

    2019 Nominees: Carole McGowan, Cynthia Walker, Danielle Macarthur, Dr. Tammy Cameron , Janice Lindseth, Jennifer Lucas, Lisa Crawford, Michelle Wakal, Shanine Lafreniere, Tamara Whitton, Valerie Erickson, Victoria Armstrong


    She inspires and motivates others through her impactful volunteer efforts. These committed women give of their time and talents freely and tirelessly to improve and enrich lives within their community. Their dedication and desire to benefit others has led to positive and meaningful social, economic or political change.

    2019 Nominees: April Jennings, Brianne Lolacher, Carole Bossert, Kelly Yanch, Meghan Pollard, Deidre Craggs , Mishelle Wehbe, Sandy Price, Shelly Komlance , Susan Kerr, Tammy Plamondon, Tamara Dabels

    Exemplary Youth

    A youth aged 13-17 years in Fort Saskatchewan that has made lasting contributions to gainfully impact future generations of young women.

    2019 Nominees: Carmelita Santana, Cassidy Sinclair , Michayla Craggs

    Arts & Culture

    Through her talents and commitment to visual, literary, media, and/or performing arts, she enhances the creativity and cultural aspects of the community. She excels at facilitating or promoting the artistic and cultural efforts of others and broadens community engagement.

    2019 Nominees: Aurea Quinzon, Cynthia Walker, Norma Leader


    A woman who consistently acts as an exemplary teacher, coach, advisor, facilitator, or resource in helping women achieve career and/or educational goals. She creates opportunities that help protégés achieve their goals, and is a person who demonstrates the characteristics of an outstanding role model within their area of expertise.

    2019 Nominees: Carole Bossert, Kathryn Dominique, May-Lee Buban, Tanya Shewchuk 


    She has achieved exemplary success by promoting, inspiring and contributing to outstanding achievement while leading a balanced lifestyle. Her vision of the future forges new roles and inspiration for women, builds capacity for empowerment, and creates opportunities for future generations. She strengthens her community/organization through innovative approaches to resolving challenges, and inspires meaningful change.

    2019 Nominees: Carole Bossert, Kathy Stevenson, Lisa Crawford

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