• Position Papers

  • Please note that concerns and issues change over time and that these are "living" documents. They will be updated from time to time with the most recent update noted on the position paper. All position papers of the Chamber appear on this page.

    Highway Bypass - View Position Paper (.pdf)
    In-brief: The Chamber of Commerce does not support any effort to re-route traffic around Fort Saskatchewan as this would have a large negative impact on local businesses. The Chamber does support exploring all options that would allow highway traffic to flow freely through the city, such as widening the highway corridor, synchronizing traffic lights or expanding the North Saskatchewan River bridge.

    Bitumen Upgrading - View Position Paper (.pdf)
    In-brief: The Chamber supports maximizing the amount of bitumen upgrading completed in Alberta.

    Oil and Gas Diversification - View Position Paper (.pdf)
    In-brief: The Chamber supports diversification of Alberta oil and gas markets with the aim of maximizing the financial benefit to Albertans.

    Business Signage - View Position Paper (.pdf)
    In-brief: The Chamber supports a reduction in the amount of legislative restrictions on signage – on-site or off-site – in order for businesses to be better able to market themselves and draw the attention of consumers.

    Attracting Light & Medium Industry - View Position Paper (.pdf)
    In-brief: The Chamber supports the efforts to attract light to medium-sized industry to the community to enhance the growth of the industrial business park(s).

    Skilled/Unskilled Labour Shortage - View Position Paper (.pdf)
    In-brief: The Chamber supports all levels of government in their efforts aimed at addressing labour shortages before they happen.

    Campground Development - View Position Paper (.pdf)
    In-brief: The Chamber supports both the river valley development and the retention of the campground in Turner Park. Additionally, the Chamber would rather see this campground be privately run, as opposed to being part of the City of Fort Saskatchewan operational budget.

    Business License - View Position Paper (.pdf)
    In-brief: The Chamber of Commerce supports the principle of licensing and registration for businesses. The Chamber supports the use of at least 25% of the fees collected to help fund capital projects in the community that support small businesses. This would include projects in the downtown core to projects in the Eastgate Business Park. The Chamber would support and encourage the City to report annually to Chamber members on how the funds have been used.

    Commercial Waste - View Position Paper (.pdf)
    In-brief: The Chamber of Commerce supports creating a municipal environment in which businesses can flourish. To such an end, the Chamber of Commerce supports continuing the practice of collectively franchising waste collection services for commercial and light industry within Fort Saskatchewan in order take advantage of economies of scale. However, the Chamber only supports the practice insofar as the tender and bidding process for the collective franchise contract is an open and fair process that occurs at regular intervals, such as every year or every second year.

    Downtown Revitalization - View Position Paper (.pdf)
    In-brief: The Chamber supports the City of Fort Saskatchewan’s strategic objective to ensure the downtown section of the community is seen as viable, functional, attractive and people-oriented.

    How are Position Papers Developed?
    Board of Directors & Government Affairs Committee

    Every position paper is developed by the Government Affairs Committee and have been approved by the Board of Directors.

    The Government Affairs Committee is a Board-led committee comprised of Chamber members volunteering their time to develop positions on issues current and anticipated "big-picture" issues that matter most to Fort Saskatchewan businesses. The committee seeks to include members representatives from each business zone in Fort Saskatchewan (ex. Eastgate Business Park, highway commercial, home-based, downtown, etc.).

    The Government Affairs Committee has a mandate to develop positions and offer recommendations on each position the Chamber takes. The committee is tasked with consulting with members on positions in a manner that is appropriate to effectively advocate on members’ behalf in a timely fashion.

    The Government Affairs Committee reviews each position paper at least every two years.

    If you have questions about this committee or are interested in joining, please e-mailchamber@fortsaskchamber.com, call 780-998-4355 or tweet us at @FtSaskChamber.

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